Q - Are your products vegan?

A - No. But we are working on vegan options.


Q - How do you ship all over the country?

A - We ship using dry ice. Dry ice is -110F so BE CAREFUL! If you need to move pieces of dry ice when you get your shipment, be sure to use a towel or gloves.


Q - What stores can I buy Six-Pack Creamery in?

A - Our "Where To Indulge" tab has a store locator!


Q - Are you sponsoring any athletes or influencers? 

A - At this time we are not sponsoring anyone. But, the best way to get our attention is to genuinely enjoy the product and tag us in your social media when you post about Six-Pack Creamery. It does not help your case to reach out asking for free ice cream.


Q - What does "non-GMO" mean?

A - In short, it means that non of our ingredients contain any genetically modified organisms. A full explanation of what it means to be "non-GMO" can be found here.


Q - When are more flavors coming out?

A - We're always hard at work on new flavors and we are trying to launch some for you all very soon!


Q - Are you hiring?

A - At this time we are looking to add 1 more person to the team who has the ambition to make an impact in the food industry and community. This person will help with a few different aspects of the business and can carve out an incredible future with the brand. So if you would like, you can send your resume over to info@sixpackcreamery.com with the subject line "Resume for Six-Pack Creamery" along with any questions you may have.

Note: We are always looking at potential videographers and photographers.