Q: Are you coming out with a vegan product?

A: In the works.........

Q: I want to open my own high-protein ice cream shop, can I use your products?

A: Absolutely! We would love that. We can even help you a bit with the planning of your concept. Shoot us an email at info@sixpackcreamery.com and make the subject line "Store Concept" and we can talk more.

Q: I see on your comparison page it lists 7oz as a serving size, how big is that?

A: 7oz is about the amount shown in the cones on our website

Q: Why is Fit Freeze yellow?

A: We decided to color our Lean Mean Vanilla Bean Fit Freeze so that it stands out from the crowd. Seeing white ice cream on a cone is basic and Fit Freeze is anything but basic (sorry Becky). It's also a great conversation starter, so go make a friend!

*Note: If specific vendors wish for Lean Mean Vanilla Bean Fit Freeze to be a different color, we can definitely work something out.

Q: How do you color Fit Freeze? Is it natural?

A: Very natural! We get our beautiful, vibrant signature yellow from using Turmeric. Turmeric is a flowering plant from the ginger family and possesses a strong yellow characteristic. But don't worry, you cant taste it at all! We will NEVER use artificial colors or ingredients in our products. That's gross.

Q: How can I start selling Fit Freeze in my restaurant?

A: Shoot us an email at info@sixpackcreamery.com  and make the subject "Fit Freeze for Restaurants" - We look forward to working with you!

Q: What is monk fruit?

A: Monk fruit is exactly what it sounds like...a fruit! It carries an extremely sweet characteristic which helps us keep our sugar content down. Monk fruit is also low glycemic, so the impact on your blood sugar from this ingredient is slim to none.

Q: Do you have flavors other than Lean Mean Vanilla Bean?

A: YES!!! We have about 4 total flavors that are ready for distribution and others in the works. Feel free to reach out and we can talk more about flavor varieties.


Any other questions can be sent over to info@sixpackcreamery.com or sent via our contact page. Thanks!