Fit Freeze

“Six-Pack Creamery runs on inspiration from my mom, Barbara. On August 1, 2016, she passed peacefully with me holding her hand and our family by her side after 7 years of battling colon cancer. During her battle, many had recommended different drinks and products that were “high protein” and supposed to be healthy.

The reality was that many of these products just taste like crap and have ingredients that are proven to actually promote cancer and other illness. I know what you’re thinking: Why would a doctor suggest these products if that’s the case?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the perfect answer for you. But what I do have is an alternative: Fit Freeze™. 

After cancer treatment, my mother would often have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, so cooking a meal and getting some quality nutrition into her diet wasn’t always easy, or possible. She would turn to ice cream, pops, pudding and other products to help soothe her sore throat and just get some food down.

Fit Freeze™ provides that soft soothing sensation, delicious taste and quality nutrition people recovering from cancer treatment need. But Fit Freeze™ isn’t only great for people like my mother, it’s incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to make healthier choices, live an active lifestyle and/or enjoy some delicious dessert! Trust me, as a former college athlete I would have loved to have Fit Freeze in my dining hall. Not only is the nutrition second to none, but Fit Freeze truly is an indulgent frozen dessert that you are sure to fall in love with.

My mission with Fit Freeze™ is to provide the country’s hospitals, universities, retirement homes, restaurants and more with an indulgent, clean, protein-rich dessert, while making the chemically saturated, malnutritious ice cream we’re all currently being served a thing of the past.

Say adios to the sh*t and hello to the Fit.”

-Kyle Peters Owner & Founder

Full Fit Freeze nutritional comparison & ingredient list here.