Kyle Peters - Owner & Founder

Kyle was born in 1993 in Garden City, NY. About a year later, his family moved to Horsham, a suburb of Philadelphia. As a child, Kyle wanted to be a chef and started cooking for his family at a young age, but eventually lacrosse had stolen his heart. In 2015, he graduated from Centenary College (now University) with a degree in Business Marketing. Shortly after graduation, Kyle received his Personal Training Certification and Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
Growing up there were two major passions in Kyle's life: He loved food, cooking and he wanted to become a business owner. During his college years, he tried starting a clothing company called Atlantic Breeze with his longtime friend and roommate; that didn't quite work out, but so much was learned during that process about both business and himself.
All throughout college and post-grad life, Kyle would be experimenting with different recipes to create some sort of health food. From protein-infused coffee drinks to brownies and even cookie dough, Kyle was always trying to formulate something groundbreaking and delicious that could help people indulge while living a fit, healthy life. (It helped that he was sponsored by a supplement company, which is where he got all of his protein for these tests!) About a year and a half after graduation his mother had passed away (Aug. '16) after a seven-year battle with colon cancer.
This was just a few weeks before the birth of Six-Pack Creamery.
Six-Pack Creamery was born (officially) on October 19, 2016. With inspiration stemming from his excessive ice cream habit and his mother's love for ice cream, both before and during cancer treatment. The thing was, the ice cream they were both eating was super unhealthy! High in fat and sugar and riddled with chemicals and additives. This bothered Kyle a lot. Between his mother's need for quality comfort food and his athletic/nutritional background, he knew there needed to be a solution that would still provide the same comfort, flavor and indulgence that the world loves. Additionally, during cancer treatment his mother would have a sore/scratchy throat and a large sensitivity to the smell of most foods. Ice cream is easy to eat and soothing to those issues, but the nutrition just wasn’t there in the products that Kyle’s mom would eat.

That is why he started Six-Pack Creamery. Premium desserts that provide lifestyle-based nutrition.

Kyle is evangelical about bettering the landscape of our food industry and contributing to societal advancements. That's why he sources the best ingredients and works to create products that can not only help the average person looking to live a healthier lifestyle, but products that can be functional for those battling cancer and other illness ... all while giving back to organizations that support cancer patients and their families.