The Mission

Six-Pack Creamery’s mission is to provide and innovate the dessert category with indulgence and nutrition. We’re on a mission to turn guilty pleasures, into nutritious pleasures.


Our Vision

To improve the health, pleasure and quality of life in organizations like hospitals, retirement homes, universities, high schools, professional sports, corporate offices and more.


Our Guiding Principles

  1. Quality Sourcing – Only work with high-quality ingredients that NEVER use GMO’s and always source Organic ingredients when possible.
  2. Avoiding Artificial – Never use artificial ingredients in any product. This includes artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives and the like.
  3. Focused on Flavor – Understanding that healthier options sometimes get a bad reputation when it comes to taste makes us work even harder. Our promise is to only release products when the taste and texture is as incredible as the nutrition profile.
  4. Made with Love – Constantly working to create an incredible culture of appreciation and opportunity at Six-Pack Creamery that can be reflected in the products we provide. Food made with love just tastes better; our mothers proved that to us at an early age.
  5. Deliver Consistently – Earn the continued loyalty of our customers by consistently proving why we are the top choice for indulgence, nutrition, quality, service and innovation.

Our Values

  1. Health Comes First– The reason we do what we do is because of health – and working to increase it. We will never make decisions that knowingly compromise the health of our consumers or team by means of product or otherwise.
  2. Absolute Integrity– From our manufacturing practices to how we interact with our clients, we strive to uphold the utmost ethics and integrity in our practices. Always taking responsibility and doing the right thing, regardless of how hard that may be.
  3. True Passion – In everything we do there must be passion. Passion for the client. Passion for the product. Passion to always be delivering an unbelievable product and experience for everyone. Without passion there is no success or innovation, and passion must ALWAYS be genuine and with good intention.
  4. A Lasting Impact – Time is precious and if someone is willing to give us theirs, then we need to do what we can to provide immense value to them. Every interaction needs to provide a positive lasting impact. Whether that’s with an incredible product, unmatched customer service or any other interaction, we must make it count.
  5. Take Initiative– We are self-driven and constantly strive to do whatever is needed to achieve success. When we see something needs to be done, we do it. Period. We don’t wait for someone else. We don’t wait for hand holding. We act swiftly and appropriately to bring ourselves closer to our vision and mission. Anticipate and contribute for everyone’s benefit.
  6. Always be a Student– Learning is essential to continued growth and success. Having the humility to ask questions so one can learn is absolutely paramount. As an organization we must do what we can to stay ahead of the curve for the health of our consumers and organization, but personally we must have an innate hunger to constantly better ourselves.

Six-Pack Creamery works diligently towards supporting the community, various organizations, and charities. Some amazing organizations we love are...

Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia

The Breathing Room Foundation

The Edward Taylor Coombs Foundation

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Thank you --  I hope to hear from you soon!

Your friend,

Kyle Peters

Owner & Founder