Inside the Pint

Six-Pack Creamery puts a HUGE focus on quality of ingredients. Every ingredient we use is non-GMO & of the highest quality. If we wouldn't give a pint to our mothers, we wouldn't make it available for you!

  • 100% non-GMO & rBGH free whey protein isolate
  • 40g of protein per pint
  • 27g of sugar per pint  *only 6g added organic cane sugar!
  • 10g of fat per pint  *varies per flavor
  • 27g net carbs per pint
  • Soy free ingredients
  • No corn syrup, glycerin, carrageenan, or other funky additives - EVER! 

 Whey Protein in Ice Cream?

Some of you may ask, "Why whey protein isolate?". Click here to read some of the amazing reasons we boost our ice cream with such an awesome and complete protein source.

 Air in Ice Cream?

So as we know, not all ice cream is created equal. Many of us look at the flavors, ingredients and nutrition. But, many people overlook the weight of ice cream per pint.

This helps indicate quality, density and what's called overrun (the air whipped in ice cream). High overrun can make products light and airy making the product not as dense and creamy like we all love!

Six-Pack Creamery is a premium, low-overrun product. This means there's more ice cream and less air per pint!

To learn more about air in ice cream, click here!