Cocoa Milk Muscles
Cocoa Milk Muscles Cocoa Milk Muscles Cocoa Milk Muscles
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Cocoa Milk Muscles

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Shipping: Shipping ice cream is very expensive. That is why we have to charge what we do with a 4 pint minimum. Help us eliminate that cost by making a request at your local store. We need your help!

Cocoa Milk Muscles is made with a perfect blend of deep, full-bodied chocolate and delicately roasted peanut flour to make this smooth flavor an absolute winner. As always, this physique friendly flavor is made with premium, non-GMO ingredients.

The cocoa we use is not only non-GMO but Fair Trade as well!

Each pint has 40g of protein, just 27g of sugar, 27g net carbs and 10-11g of fat.

*Our milk, cane sugar and erythritol are all certified Organic. 

*we pack 324g of ice cream per pint. Compared to our leading competitor who only packs each with 256g. That's like a whole extra serving per pint!